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Business Security Consulting

Enterprise to small business, Crimson Resolve provides the highest level of support. We reduce cost to your organization by providing the right solutions. This allows your organization to work towards perfect security the right way.

Legal Support

Crimson Resolve works with legal teams to support successful case outcomes. We use our extensive technical insight into Social Media, Dark-Web, World Wide Web and a multitude of other facets to ensure you have the information to win cases.

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Financial Security

We have been involved in every aspect of cybersecurity related financial services. From tracking money laundering, Nation State campaign finance, insider threats tracking and beyond. We ensure your money is secure and when its at risk, we ensure you can seek the justice you deserve.


We pride ourselves in supporting our Community and Nation. At Crimson Resolve we actively work to combat Human Trafficking, Terrorism, Criminal Activities and many other aspects related to cybersecurity. Always working late to ensure we continue to have the safety and security allowed by our great nation.